How to setup your campaign

You can use the following link and details to generate sales using your social media profiles. There is no need to signup, just use your email where we tell you to and we will contact you whenever you generate a sale for us. To receive a discount on an item so that you can create your own content use code INFLUENCER30 to receive 30% off (only valid once and for one item). 

Code you can use for your followers MOTHERSDAY15
The URL you will need to use should be like the following;
Please swap out YOUR_EMAIL_HERE with the email you would like us to reach you at.

Story Posts

You can use this video to post to your story. If you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram you could also add a swipe up to your link. 

Download story video

Regular posts

If you’d like to post a video to your regular feed you may use this video. Make sure you input the URL in your bio as they will not be clickable below the post.

DOwnload regular post

Or use one of our photo’s

If you don’t like the videos, you may also use on of our photo’s in your post. You may edit these any way you like.